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Every year, Rakuten teams always introduce you to the best sponsors in order to develop your online activity. Need information about logistic services, paying methods, integration or web marketing? Our sponsors are here to help you.

SendCloud is the number 1 shipping tool for online stores. More than +15.000 e-commerce businesses use SendCloud to save time on their most frustrating process: shipping. Connect your store to multiple carriers with our +25 e-shop integrations and API.
As an expert in A.I and predictive marketing, Sailendra has developed Sailsense to help online stores boost their sales. Sailsense uses behavioral analysis and knowledge of your product catalog to personalize your e-merchandising for each visitor. Advantages ? A tailor-made UX and increase your turnover up to 20%.
Payoneer is an innovative digital payments company transforming cross-border payments. Millions of businesses and professionals in over 200 countries choose Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost payment solutions, empowering them to grow globally. Founded in 2005 and based in New York, Payoneer is venture-backed, profitable and for the past four years was included in Inc. 5000's Financial Services companies list of America’s fastest-growing companies.
VERSPIEREN is France’s leading family-held insurance brokerage group. We are by your side to insure your company, secure your business, protect your employees and boost your growth throught insurance. Our ambition: to advise, guide and support you so that you can grow your company. is the platform for the purchase of thematic and semantic links that facilitates the work of netlinking SEO professionals. Our semantic matching algorithm allows us to identify from our catalog of more than 4000 sites, the most relevant spots to make links, allowing you to optimize your visibility on Google.
Cofidis Retail has built its expertise on online payment solutions over the past 30 years, allowing us to provide a range of omni-channel solutions for each of your customers. Our top priority is: guarantying a seamless user journey offering to customer a smooth and enjoyable experience. From 3 or 4XCB to 48 instalments, boost your revenues with our payment solutions.
Better engage & convert your consumers thanks to CibleR's AI solutions : (i) improve segmentations & knowledge (ii) personalize contents & offers (iii) target dynamic incentives. CibleR is a SAAS platform to personalize your sales and loyalty plans based on ROI and Customer Lifetime Value.
Coliback is a logistic platform specialized in Return & Delivery for customers and online merchant. Our goal is to improve the customer experience by helping facilitate the return process across Europe. We also joined e-LOGIK, a network of expert’s warehouse for online merchant with a parcel tracking IT solution named e-KAN.
Paylib is the mobile payment offer for individuals and merchants integrated by the largest French banks. Paylib is intended to be the French reference for simple, secure and useful mobile payment on a daily basis.
FrenchOffice is providing European retailers with a virtual office and an address Our warehouse is appropriate for all your customers returns and post. Our secretaries can do your customer assistance in French – by email or phone and do also your administrative tasks. A web application enables the management of all operations.
Spring, international division of PostNL, specialized in e-commerce international last mile delivery, offers innovative solutions: IT webservice integration within 24h, live tracking of your parcels, dedicated multilingual customer service base in France... We support your cross-border development by making the world your marketplace!
Cubyn is a logistics solution that simplifies your shipping management. We collect, pack and ship your parcels the same day. Schedule your collect and monitor your orders in one centralized dashboard.
Bretagne Services Logistiques (Dimotrans Group) is specialist in cross channel logistics. We work on digital projects / E-commerce / Retail, for all our clients and combine resources, skills and experience with optimized services. The quality and scalability of our services remain at the heart of our partnerships.
Lengow is the ecommerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes and grow internationally. With more than 1,600 channels in 42 countries, Lengow offers a powerful ecosystem to its 4,600 clients.
E-commerce Nation is the first media in Europe dealing with e-commerce. It is the meeting point for all e-merchants looking for advice, solutions, but also practical cases to develop their knowledge in e-commerce, logistics, online marketing or internationalization.
Usabilla empowers brands like KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, and Toyota to become truly customer-centric by improving digital experiences on websites, apps and emails. Enterprises acquire the ultimate solution to capture the voice of their customers, collect quantitative along with qualitative data, and turn insights into actions that drive success. With Usabilla, start asking Why.
We are a market data platform for e-commerce that gathers product information like assortment, prices, and specifications on thousands of websites globally to provide benchmarks and competitive data for e-commerce retailers and brands.
Conexance allows connected brands to increase knowledge of their own customers and to target propects from real purchasing actions. Thanks to the use of predictive models and machine learning, Conexance finds statisticals lookalikes of an organisation’s best potential prospects.
With Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution brands accelerate the path to purchase to boost sales at their distributors online and offline. Offering the market’s most innovative shoppable technology, POP adapts easily to any digital touch points and content formats to maximise the business impact of brands’ digital marketing worldwide.
Contenu Web is a French agency specializing in content marketing and inbound marketing. As leading experts in copywriting, we support our clients with the acquisition and the conversion of their audience, whilst helping them earn genuine customer loyalty. For that purpose, our strategy is based on creating high added value content.
iAdvize is a conversational platform that allows more than 2000 brands in 100 countries to bring a profitable human touch to the digital experience at scale, using a blend of human touch and artificial intelligence. iAdvize connects customers with experts available 24/7 via messaging
Futurlog is a logistic e-commerce specialized supplier. The company is leaning on traditional logistic operators, with its own innovative approach. There are free Futurlog’ core activities implemented thanks to its software : all flows coordination, customer assistance et e-supply chain optimization. Futurlog’s offer is aimed to start-ups and small companies with an externalized logistics functions in e-commerce field.
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